Living in a community
that makes it easy to connect with your neighbors.

A place where you can share, help others,
and get help when you need it.

Where you are truly a valued participant.

Not just ... a tenant.



Building Community.

Throughout history, our elders have lived with us and provided a grounding influence.

They have helped manage the household and care for young children.

It has been a natural cycle of life.

Today, many elders and families are cut off from this cycle.

They are often isolated which has cut them off from providing their natural contribution to society.

This system is wasting their productive talents and the grounding presence that years of life give them.

For parents who work full-time, it has become very challenging to manage a home and children.

Even more challenging for single parents.

Grandparents have historically eased this burden,
and provide kids with another seasoned adult to learn from.

Children are also isolated, missing the group sharing of larger and extended families.

They should have others nearby to play, bond and grow with during their formative years.

Singles could also benefit from a connection to an extended family lifestyle.

The OHANA® building system is designed to connect all groups of people in a multi-family building

...and provides residents with
a more meaningful experience and satisfying life.

Thank you.

We would be delighted to work with you.

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