Ohana Star

Four Individual Modules to Elevate
the Multi-Family Living Experience

  • Module 1 for Residents - An Online Gated Community

  • Module 2 for Managers - Overview & Controls Interface

  • Module 3 for Inspiration - A Dedicated Online Community Leader

  • Module 4 for the Building - Tailored On-site Events

           Module One - For Residents           

An Online Gated Community

A building OS and 21st century amenity to connect residents and create an unmatched multi-family experience.

           Module Two - For Managers           

Management Interface

Management Interface

           Module Three - For Fun & Inspiration           

The Pulse of the Building

We provide an online Ohana community leader to ignite events and spark interaction.

           Modile Four - For The Building           

Tailored Building Events

Light Up Spirit & Community Culture in Your Building